Take a break from sadness

This was not part of my editorial calendar plan. I felt compelled to write a post related to the recent tragic events that happened in Beirut and Paris. It is always saddening to hear news about a terror attack where innocent civilians lost their lives. Generally, it Peaceaffects even you more when you have some special ties with the location or the people affected: a dear friend of mine who I consider like a sister drives every day to Beirut to teach in different universities and France is my native country. Fortunately, all people I know are fine. My thoughts and prayers goes to people directly affected.

As the sadness tsunami propagated all over the world, I was tempted to watch news videos after videos related to those attacks. Like a sudden addiction, I wanted to know more about the root causes, the circumstances, the reactions all around the world, the memorial ceremonies, testimonies of witnesses and so on. News was haunting my mind to the point of affecting my sleep and concentration since I came in the know about those attacks. What is the point of constantly fuelling my mind with saddening news? It was already too much, both my mind and my body were tense.

First, I decided to engage into a 20 mn HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Secondly, I listened online “Rires et Chansons” a French radio broadcasting skits francophone humorist and international popular songs. Plus, I watched some videos of one of my favorite French humorist named Laurent Ruquier or English one named John Oliver. I smiled, I laugh and I giggled. It certainly did not change the events but it helped me exit the sadness circle; I felt relaxed in my body and at peace in my mind. Then I was in a better state to pray for peace and send love to people affected by heinous attacks.

When something saddening affects you, along with activities you like doing, TAKE A LAUGHTER BREAK: recall a funny memory, watch your favorite comedy movie/show, talk to your laughter go to person, listen to your preferred humorist. Your body and mind will thank you for that.

I wanted to share the following video: John Oliver Paris Attacks

Photo creditOlga Lednichenko on Flickr

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