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One quote, different languages

Based on my research, the author of this quote is unknown. It comes from an old English prayer. I will discuss  the reasons I like this quote in one of my subsequent posts. To reflect the cultural diversity of Toronto, the challenge for this month is to have it translated in as many languages as possible first. Secondly, I will record myself saying it into those languages and publish a podcast on this blog.                               

I have French and English  covered already. Despite  it is a bit broken at best, I think I can also handle it in Spanish. For the other languages, I will rely on my personal international network not only for written translation but also for pronunciation. In advance I ask for your indulgence when you  hear me say it in languages that I am not familiar with.

  • English: Laughter is the music of the soul.
  • French: Le rire est la musique de l’âme.
  • Spanish: La risa es la música del alma.
  • Portuguese: O riso é a música da alma.
  • Bengali: হাসি প্রাণের সঙ্গীত
  • Hindi: हँसी आत्मा का संगीत है

Photo Credit: leodelrosa on Flickr