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The perfect time to start a cleanse

In December, with the

  • Office holiday luncheon and happy hour drinks with colleagues
  • End of semester cocktail celebration with classmates
  • Food sampling at the Christmas Markets
  • Homemade brunch with neighbours
  • Sunday suppers with family
  • Dinner out with friends
  • Refreshments at community gatherings
  • Charity gala dinners
  • Birthday party feast
  • Sport club healthy snacks….

by the time December 24th comes, I feel like starting a cleanse.

How about you ?


Photo Credit: Breville USA found on Flickr

The ideal length of a nap

Napping is often frowned upon in our workaholic north America culture. However, countless researches and articles published emphasize its benefits: calms nerves, lowers blood pressure, improves learning and working memory, increases alertness, enhances creativity… Another important aspect of napping is its ideal length. I discussed that with a friend who had just woken up from his afternoon rest and said:

“I had a quick nap for a couple of hours.”

My ideal nap length is 30 mn. If you take naps, what is your the ideal nap length?